Layers' Concept

Layers sources the finest avant-garde and artisanal mens and womenswear designers from around the world. A place where fashion, art, music and literature are all housed within one of London’s most unique conceptual spaces.

The vision for our store is to start with a product of purity: something that achieves a balance between old craft and a modern approach to design. We feel the need to provide products that challenge the ideas of tradition and push them forward for the current times. To find designers who are doing something of their own, who are not motivated by commercial success, but want to better themselves by achieving critical recognition for their work. It is one of our aims to promote new and young talent. To offer them a platform on which to showcase their work, both on our website and in store. We feel it is time to have a new outlook towards fashion. Forgetting products valued on status but instead appreciate those products where the time and thought was put into their development. We plan to close the gap between art and fashion, focusing on those who truly are modern day artisans. Consequently, challenging the customers approach to garments.


Photography Ash Lin /
Styling KMcD & F
Models S & D  
Model Jerome
Model Ashild  
Model Alicia
Model Pernilia

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